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Graspy International Inc. is an International trading company in Japan.

Our mission is to help you sell your products in Japan.​


We are doing retail and wholesale business in Japan representing more than 30 manufacturers.

We have many unique shops and local distributors as customers. If you are interested in the Japanese market, we can contribute to your sales in Japan.

We hope to work with your company.

market research

in japan

We have enough data for Japanese market.

support for local regulations

We are specialists for Japanese local regulations.

Ex. PSE, Radio act in Japan

Launch at crowdfunding

Crowdfunding can help to increase awareness of your brand.

custmer support

in japan

We can provide customer support for your customers in Japan.

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SNS marketing

We can make your product famous in Japan using social networking and influencer marketing.

one day shipping

You can ship products for Japanese customers via our logistics.



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